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In over thirty years of shooting for corporate, advertising, and editorial clients, I’ve photographed almost any subject or scenario you can imagine. And my background in film as producer/director has been an invaluable influence on my career as a commercial photographer. I bring that experience — and an occasionally-obsessive management of detail — to every project.

But the most challenging assignment for me is self-promotion; I’d rather shoot than sell, so there are a lot of designers, art directors, and corporate art buyers I’ve never called on. What’s constant over the past two decades is that most of my clients have come through the kind referrals of other clients.

They all seem to want the same things: memorable images, of course…but they’re also looking for someone who can solve — and prevent problems. Their task is to find someone to produce the images for their annual, ad campaign, website, brochure, or magazine, which will likely encompass everything from location work in less-than-scenic environments to exquisitely-lit tabletop in my studio. People, processes, products, and concepts, all shot with style and a strong sense of design. And delivered on schedule, with extra service they won’t even know they’re getting, by someone who treats them fairly.

That’s what I do, and with over four thousand commercial shoots behind me, it seems to work.

Call me: it won’t be a shot in the dark.

Jim LaCombe

Perfect focus. Impressive depth of field.

1824 Spring Street, Suite 214, Houston, Texas 77007 | Phone: 713.665.1101 | Cell: 713.829.5649 | jim@jameslacombe.com